Our Family Band Story

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Ever since we were little, we have always loved music. We loved performing pretend concerts to anyone that would listen and using our homemade instruments and microphones with the CD player blaring! When we couldn’t find an audience, we would line up our stuffed animals as the crowd and make them applaud at the appropriate times.

When Brandon was about 8, he got his first “real” guitar and learned a few chords. Shortly After Megon decided to try violin. We played some songs together and during that time, the Lord began to bring other families into our lives that were playing music together. We all fell in love with the idea, and the “family band” began to form. Megon traded her violin playing for fiddling, Kailon joined with singing, and Ryon (who was only 4) added percussion, which started as an ottoman with wooden spoons. Now they all dabble in many instruments and have found the ones they enjoy the most.

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Our Band Name

In 2019, our family walked through a hard time of losing Grandma, Cynthia Stapp, to cancer. As we rejoiced the she was with the Lord and out of pain, our hearts greatly missed her. She loved listening to the kids play and prayed that the lord would use their talents to glorify him. We had been working for months to come up with a band name. One day brandon suggested we name it after her, so “Cynthia Ridge’ was chosen.

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