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Guitar | Banjo | Vocals |

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Brandon is the oldest. He plays guitar and banjo. He loves playing music, working out, making YouTube videos, and hanging out with his siblings . He has an online Lego store that is doing well, working part time at a local shipping company, and managing our band. He is funny, energetic, adventurous, and always has a new idea about something!


Mandolin | Vocals

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Kailon is the 3rd oldest. She plays mandolin. She loves playing music, listening to audiobooks, crocheting, and making things, usually being of an artistic or culinary flair. She is always looking for ways to serve people, and she enjoys writing encouraging letters. She has a beautiful smile that no one can overlook! She brings life to our family and is always happy and helpful!


Bass | Vocals

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Ryon is the 4th oldest. He plays bass and guitar. God has blessed him with many talents, and he can do just about anything! He loves playing music, drawing, listening to audio books, playing with Legos, wrestling and hanging out with his brothers, and anything with horses! He has an amazing voice and is great at picking out harmony notes!


Banjo | Vocals

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Cameron is the 5th oldest. He is learning to play banjo. He also enjoys legos, playing outside and wrestling with his brothers, and building things. He is very creative and always has a new idea to try out.

Little Band Members


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Waiting to join the band are Addyson, Gracelon, And Jaxon! They all love to participate when they can and are starting their own “concert performances and jam sessions”! As each one grows older, we’re excited to see how they choose to be a part of the family band!

Mom & Dad


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Mike (Dad) has always loved music, although he doesn’t have any musical background. HE loves watching the kids perform and helping them find the best quality instruments and sound system equipment. He’s learning how to run the sound for the band.

Michelle (Mom) grew up singing in church occasionally and playing piano but knew nothing about bluegrass instruments. She never tires of listening to them play together and is thankful they found something fun to do as a family! We are both so proud of them and the way they are using their talents to bless others and serve the Lord.

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